IPG 4.6 Unsporting Conduct — Theft of Tournament Material


A player steals materials from the tournament, including but not limited to cards or tournament equipment.


  • A. A player steals cards from the sideboard of their opponent.
  • B. A player steals the table number from a table.
  • C. A player realizes they have a previous opponent’s card, but they hide it instead of telling a tournament official.


Players enter a tournament expecting that their materials will be protected.

This does not absolve the players from their responsibility to keep an eye on their possessions, but they should expect to be able to retain the product they began with or were given for the tournament.

Other instances of theft not involving tournament materials are the responsibility of the Tournament Organizer, though judges are encouraged to help in any way possible.

Additional Remedy

The offender should be asked to leave the venue by the organizer.