MTR 1.10 Players

Players are responsible for:

  • Behaving in a respectful manner toward tournament officials, other tournament participants, and spectators and refraining from unsporting conduct at all times.
  • Maintaining a clear and legal game state.
  • Complying with announced start times and time limits.
  • Calling attention to any rules or policy infraction they notice in their matches.
  • Bringing to a judge’s attention any discrepancies in their tournament match record.
  • Informing the DCI of any discrepancies in their overall match history or ranking as soon as they become aware of it. If players believe there is an anomaly in their match history or ranking they should refer to the Magic: The Gathering Event Appeals Policy, located at
  • Refraining from enrolling in tournaments in which they are not allowed by policy to participate.
  • Being familiar with the rules contained within this document.
  • Being physically present for the tournament.

A player must bring the following items to a tournament in order to participate:

  • A physical, visible, and reliable method to maintain and record game information (tokens, score counters, pen and paper, and so on).
  • Any materials specifically required for a particular tournament format, such as assembled decks and/or decklists for constructed tournaments.

Players retain their responsibilities even if a judge provides them with extra assistance.

The individual members of a team are considered players, and are equally responsible for required tournament procedures, such as accurately filling out their match result slips. Players are only responsible for the games they play themselves and not separate games being played by their teammates, but are expected to point out rules violations they observe in their teammates’ matches.

Players who do not fulfill their responsibilities may be subject to penalties and review by the DCI. Wizards of the Coast and the DCI reserve the right to suspend or revoke a player’s membership without prior notice for any reason they deem necessary.