MTR 2.10 Dropping from a Tournament

Players may drop from a tournament at any time. If a player drops from a tournament before the first round of play has started, they are considered to have not participated in the tournament and will not be listed in the finish order.

Players choosing to drop from a tournament must inform the Scorekeeper by the means provided for that tournament before the pairings for the next round are generated.

Players wanting to drop after the Scorekeeper begins pairing for the next round will be paired for that round.

If a player does not show up for their match, they will be automatically dropped from the tournament unless they report to the Scorekeeper. Players that repeatedly and/or intentionally drop from tournaments without informing the scorekeepers of those tournaments may be the subject of penalties up to and including suspension.

Players who drop during limited tournaments own the cards that they correctly have in their possession at that time. This includes any unopened or partially drafted boosters.

If a player drops from a tournament after a cut has been made, such as a cut to the Top 8 playoff in a Grand Prix tournament, no other player is advanced as a replacement. The highest ranked remaining player receives a bye for the round instead.

Players who have dropped may reenter a tournament at the discretion of the Head Judge. Players may not reenter a portion of the tournament that requires a deck built during a construction period that the player missed. Players may not reenter a tournament after any cut has been made.

Players may not drop from a tournament in exchange for or influenced by the offer of any reward or incentive. Doing so is considered Bribery (see section 5.2).