MTR 3.3 Authorized Cards

Players may use any Authorized Game Cards from Magic: The Gathering expansions, core sets, special sets, supplements, and promotional printings. Authorized Game Cards are cards that, unaltered, meet the following conditions:

  • The card is genuine and published by Wizards of the Coast
  • The card has a standard Magic back or is a double-faced card, or is a card that is part of a meld pair.
  • The card does not have squared corners.
  • Silver-bordered cards may only be used in casual events and only when the format explicitly permits them.
  • The card is not a token card.
  • The card is not damaged or modified in a way that might make it marked.
  • The card is otherwise legal for the tournament as defined by the format.

The Head Judge of a tournament may issue a proxy (see section 3.4) for a card that has become worn or damaged during the tournament.

Any other cards that are not Authorized Game Cards are prohibited in all sanctioned tournaments.

Players may use cards from the Alpha printing only if the deck is in opaque sleeves.

Players may use otherwise-legal non-English and/or misprinted cards provided they are not using them to create an advantage by using misleading text or pictures. Official promotional textless spells are allowed in sanctioned Magic tournaments in which they would otherwise be legal.

Artistic modifications are acceptable in sanctioned tournaments, provided that the modifications do not make the card art unrecognizable, contain substantial strategic advice, or contain offensive images. Artistic modifications also may not obstruct or change the mana cost or name of the card.

The Head Judge is the final authority on acceptable cards for a tournament.

If a player is required to replace a card in their deck and is unable to find a replacement, the player may replace the card with a card named Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, or Forest of their choice. This also applies to cards that are lost.