MTR 3.4 Proxy Cards

A proxy card is used during competition to represent an otherwise legal Magic card that can no longer be included in a deck without the deck being marked. For a proxy to be issued, the card it is replacing must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The card has been accidentally damaged or excessively worn in the current tournament, including damaged or misprinted Limited product. Proxies are not allowed as substitutes for cards that their owner has damaged intentionally or through negligence.
  • The card is a foil card for which no non-foil printing exists.

Players may not create their own proxies; they may only be created by the Head Judge. When a judge creates a proxy, it is included in the player’s deck and must be denoted as a proxy in a clear and conspicuous manner. The original card is kept nearby during the match and replaces the proxy while in a public zone as long as it is recognizable. A proxy is valid only for the duration of the tournament in which it was originally issued.

Official checklist cards are Authorized Game Cards and may have a proxy issued by a judge.