MTR 8.2 Team Composition and Identification

A valid team consists of two or three members, as appropriate to the format. A team is identified by the individual DCI membership numbers of its respective members and all teams must provide the Tournament Organizer with the full information when registering for the tournament. Individuals may be members of more than one team, though not during the same tournament. If a player drops from the tournament, the entire team is dropped from the tournament. If a player is disqualified from the tournament, the entire team is disqualified from the tournament.

Teams must designate player positions during tournament registration. For example, in a three-player team tournament, each team must designate who is player A, player B, and player C. Players retain these designations throughout the entire tournament.

When two teams are paired against each other during the course of a tournament, the team members designated as “player A” play against each other, the team members designated as “player B” play against each other, and so on.