MTR 9.4 Pregame Procedure

  1. Players decide which teammate will be the primary player and which teammate will be the secondary player. Players should be seated with the primary player to the right of their teammate. Players can choose a different primary and secondary player before each match.
  2. Players shuffle their decks.
  3. Players present their decks to their opponents for additional shuffling.
  4. The appropriate team must decide whether to play first or second at this point, if they have not done so already (see section 9.3)
  5. Each player draws seven cards. Optionally, these cards may be dealt face down on the table.
  6. Each player, in turn order, decides whether to mulligan. (Rules on Two-Headed Giant mulligans can be found in the Magic Comprehensive Rules, rule 103.4c)

Once players have completed their mulligans, the game can begin.