When an object changes controller it does not untap unless the effect that causes this change in control specifically says to untap it.

There are plenty of ways to ‘steal’ permanents in Magic. When a permanent does change controllers it is the same object that was previously in play. If it is a creature it will not be able to attack the turn it is ‘stolen’ unless it has haste or the effects that causes it to change controllers gives it haste.

However sometimes even if the creature has haste that won’t work. As this permanent is the same object it will still be tapped or untapped. As with granting haste, some change of control effects will untap the targeted permanent and some will not. Generally speaking, temporary change of control effects will untap a permanent that changes controllers and give it haste, while effects that are permanent will not. For example; Act of Treason causes the targeted creature to change controller until the end of the turn only. It also untaps and gives this creature haste. However Mind Control causes the enchanted permanent to change controllers permanently, or at least as long as the Mind Control is in play. It does not untap the creature it enchants or give it haste. You will not be able to attack with this creature on the turn you stole it unless it is untapped when Mind Control resolves and it has haste via some other means.

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