Abilities only do exactly what they say they do.

Most relevant information about how a card works is on the card itself. The biggest exceptions are in regards to keyword abilities that have additional information on how they work in the comprehensive rules. Most keyword abilities have reminder text that is not completely detailed, but does cover most situations. While it is important to read cards, it is also important to not ‘read into’ them.

For example, Stromkirk Noble‘s first ability says that is ‘cannot be blocked by Humans.’ This ability applies to just that: the Noble cannot be blocked by creatures with the subtype human. Prevention of a creature with a specific quality from blocking is also one aspect of the protection ability. But protection also has other effects associated with it. In other words, while the Stormkirk has this one ability that is similar to one effect as a protection ability, the Noble itself does not have a protection ability. Stormkirk Noble can still be targeted or dealt damage by a creature with the subtype human.

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