Intentional draws are always recorded as 0-0-3.

When you and your opponent choose to intentionally draw (“ID”) a match during a tournament—say to make the top eight cut of your FNM event—the match result is reported as 0-0-3 (zero wins, zero losses and three draws), in accordance with tournament policy outlined in the Magic Tournament Rules.  This will affect your second and third tiebreakers slightly (your game win percentage and your opponents’ game win percentages, respectively), but those very rarely matter, as the vast majority of ties are determined by your first tiebreaker (opponents’ match win percentage).

If you want to ID with your opponent, the simplest way to is to just write “ID” on your match result slip, otherwise you can fill it out as 0-0-3.

Today’s Tournament Tip written by
Peter Golightly, Level 1 judge from Austin, TX

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