You can never purposely ignore a triggered ability you control.

As I detailed a few weeks back, we have a new Missed Triggers policy in effect. A few things changed; mainly we got rid of the whole Lapsing nonsense, and now it is entirely possible to miss a trigger without any penalty, so long as it was not a generally detrimental trigger.

But some things did not change; namely, the fact that your opponent isn’t required to point out your triggers to you, the fact that your opponent is the one to decide if your missed triggers will happen or not (if caught within the right time frame of one turn), and the important one: You cannot forget your own triggers on purpose. Beneficial or detrimental, if you ‘forget’ a trigger on purpose, you are in lots of trouble. It’s ok to accidentally forget about your Dark Confidant trigger until after you draw, just call a judge and we’ll sort it out. What’s not okay is to know that your Confidant should trigger, and ignore it on purpose because you’re low on life.

If the Judge’s investigation determines that you’re intentionally ignoring your own triggers, you will be Disqualified from the event, and possibly even suspended from DCI organized play. So just don’t ignore your triggers, boys and ghouls.

Today’s Tournament Tip written by
Trevor Nuñez

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