Breaking//Entering doesn’t target any creature cards.

More split cards! Breaking // Entering is an interesting take on the good old reanimation spell. One thing that sticks out about Entering is that it doesn’t target. This makes it a little different from other spells like Unburial Rites. For one, you don’t choose what you want to get back until it resolves, so your opponent can only guess at what you’re gonna grab. He can use a Deathrite Shaman to get rid of your best creature pre-emptively, but you can just get your second-best guy back instead, or his best guy.

The other thing about this wording is that it plays well with the other half: Breaking. Since Entering doesn’t target, you’re free to take your chances and hope that Breaking gives you a juicy target. Heck, you can target YOURSELF with Breaking if you think there’s a good creature to rip up from the grave in the top 8 cards of your library.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Trevor Nunez

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