A bestow creature can’t enter as an aura unless you cast it that way.

A creature with bestow acts and functions the same way as a normal creature if you choose for it to enter that way (i.e., it’s not an aura unless you cast it as such). A creature with bestow is just a creature with the type “Enchantment”.

When you choose to use the bestow ability, it suddenly gains the type “Aura” on the stack and until it’s not attached to anything. When it resolves it enters the battlefield as an Aura and stays that way until the creature it’s bestow-ing is gone, or the bestowed aura is destroyed, sending it to the graveyard where its “Aura”ness disappears.

In other words, if a creature with bestow is entering the battlefield from anywhere other than the stack after you cast it for its Bestow cost, it will always enter as a creature, unattached to anything. This included returning from the graveyard, from exile, entering from the top of the library, or going directly from your hand onto the battlefield without being cast. You can’t pay for bestow and you can’t attach that creature to anything.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Eddie Cheung

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