Cube week! You can counter Take Possession with Phyrexian Tower.

Carrying on with our Cube week, let’s look at a clever way to react to split second: mana abilities!

While it’s common knowledge that you can’t really counter a split second spell with activated abilities or counterspells, there are still a couple ways to respond. The obvious one is with mana abilities. This rarely affects whether the split second spell resolves, but you can at least float some mana from your doomed Gilded Lotus if someone casts Krosan Grip targeting it.

On the other hand, there are a few special mana abilities that have a cost of “Sacrifice a creature,” which is a great way to remove a target for something like Take Possession. Even a split second spell can’t beat the game rules, and it will be countered for having no legal targets if you sacrifice the targeted creature in response to the spell using Phyrexian Tower or Ashnod’s Altar. Sure, you lose your creature, but at least you won’t lose TO your stolen creature!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Josh Stansfield

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