Brimaz and Exalted

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Exalted playing around with creatures that come down swinging (like Lorwyn/Alara era, with Preeminent Captain and all that bant goodness!), but thanks to Brimaz, there’s renewed chances for it to come up. So, how exactly does the Kitten King interact with things like Noble Hierarch or Knight of Glory? The answer is ‘pretty well’. See, Exalted only cares about creatures being DECLARED as attackers — as in, you saying “I’m going to swing with this guy” during the Declare Attackers step. Exalted doesn’t care one bit if creatures happen to end up attacking alongside your lone champion, so long as he’s the only one that was declared.

So, put those little bits together and you get some fun. Brimaz attacks all by himself and gets the boost from your Exalted permanents, but he ALSO gets to bring along a 1/1 Cat Soldier friend to the party without it messing up his Exaltation. The downside to that is that your Cat Soldiers also won’t trigger fun stuff that cares about them being declared — they won’t get to trigger Hellrider, for example.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Trevor Nuñez

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