Remember to untap before you draw (because Inspired matters).

Sometimes, players do things slightly out of order that, while not technically correct, pretty much gets you to the same point with not much of a difference. One the more common things you might run in to is a player who decides to draw before they untap. Normally, this isn’t a big deal – most of the time, all of their permanents would untap anyways, and if they don’t have any upkeep triggers to deal with either, it might not be a big deal to them to draw before they untap their permanents.

But with inspired, you need to be a little more careful now. Drawing that card could give you extra information about how you might want to handle that inspired trigger that you forgot about for a moment. For instance, if you have six lands (but only two Islands) and you’re untapping an Aerie Worshippers, it might make more sense to tap both Islands for the Worshipper’s trigger. But if you draw before you untap and you see that you’re drawing a Divination, you know that you should actually only tap one of those Islands so you can cast your Divination.

If you decide to draw before you untap, you’ll probably lose that trigger, since that trigger should have resolved during your upkeep, which is before your draw step. You also might get a brief conversation with the judge about the turn order. So remember: Untap before you Draw. With inspired, it matters a lot more now.

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