Resolute Archangel vs. Erebos

Resolute Archangel isn’t life gain… or is it?’ The wording of Resolute Archangel probably seems straightforward: It enters the battlefield, checks your life, and if it’s less than your starting life total it becomes your starting life total. It doesn’t say anything about gaining life, right? Take that, Erebos, God of the Dead! But oh no! What’s this?! It turns out any time your life total increases, that’s gaining life! Sure, the card does not mention the words “gain life,” but the action of gaining life occurs. Plainly written: If your life total increases, you have gained life. As cool as Resolute Archangel is, she is no match for a god.

Where else might this apply?

Opponent trying to land an Arbiter of Knollridge in a game of commander while you have Erebos down? Looks like they got an Arbiter of Noperidge instead, as no life totals, except maybe yours, will increase.

When playing Modern, Erebos laughs at your opponent’s Lich’s Mirror, as even when they lose due to life loss, they can’t go back up to 20. GG.

So remember! When Erebos is around, no opponent’s life can go up; only down – no matter how the additional life is worded.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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