How to kill your opponent’s Sylvan Caryatid with Bile Blight.

You are staring down your opponent with just shy of lethal damage on board to kill them; the only thing standing in your way is their pesky little Sylvan Caryatid.

Or perhaps you are facing down the dreaded Jeskai Ascendancy combo deck and you really need to get rid of their key player (Sylvan Caryatid).
What can you do?

Well there is one little trick that can work if you have a Sylvan Caryatid of your own to get around the Hexproof ability of theirs.

You can target your own Caryatid with Bile Blight.

Yes, that’s right… targeting your own Caryatid with Bile Blight will kill theirs.

The key part of why this works is the wording of Bile Blight.
“Target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature…”

This means that the effect will apply to their Caryatid as well as yours without you having to target theirs.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Angela Schabauer

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