Courser of Kruphix: Denying Land Drops

And now we close out the week with anti-synergy: messing with your opponent’s plays! We all know that Course of Kruphix is just a circus of value- it helps you fix your land drops if you’ve got none in hand (or just lets you bluff that the three Forests in your hand are actually useful calls without missing any land drops), and the lifegain is a neat little boost against aggro decks as well. So, when you see one on the other side of the field, you might be a little sad, especially since your opponent is usually gonna get value out of it as soon as it drops, so even if you blast their Courser they fixed their land drop, potentially. It might be tempting to blast it as soon as it drops, or at the end of their turn, but your patience may be rewarded! Wait until their next turn. Their draw step, specifically. They’ll draw the revealed card, and a new card will be revealed. Now that you have that info, toss down your Murderous Cut or Hero’s Downfall before they can drop another land to gain some life, but AFTER you learned what their next draw is!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Trevor Nunez

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