Going ‘Infinite’ week! A refresher on loop shortcuts.

Infinite possibilities in Kaladesh! Oh no! Looks like it’s time to brush up on what happens when your cards create an infinite loop.

Let us start with the old Splinter Twin/Deceiver Exarch combo that allows you to put an infinite amount of exarchs on the battlefield with haste to swing in for infinite damage. Active Player has a Deceiver Exarch on the battlefield. They then cast Splinter Twin, enchanting the Exarch. Once the twin has resolved, the Active player taps their exarch and makes a copy of it. When the copy enters the battlefield, its triggered ability goes on the stack and then resolves untapping the original exarch which then does it again, and again and again… At some point the Active Player has to decide when a determined number is enough and stop making more copies. Usually this is solved with a shortcut by stating “I make one million exarchs,” after which the opponent realizes they cannot win and picks up their cards or responds with an instant speed board wipe when the loop ends. If you want to be really cruel, cast a Rakdos Charm forcing your opponent to lose all their life!

It is important to remember to be understanding of your opponent and if necessary, explain what is happening and what the end result will be. You do not have to manually perform all the steps of every combo after the first loop has been done successfully; this is known as a shortcut and will help you save time. Just demonstrate that you know how the loop works, and give the number of times you’re performing it. You aren’t allowed to just sit there repeating your actions for the sake of wasting time!

Why do we need to learn from this example? Easy: Kaladesh brings us not one, but TWO ‘infinite’ combos. Come back tomorrow to learn more and how to resolve these powerful combos!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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