Planeswalker Deck “extra cards” are legal in Standard.

The Kaladesh set, in addition to the usual new cards and mechanics, also introduced a new addition to Wizards’ preconstructed product line: the Planeswalker Deck, which replaces the Intro Pack as the preconstructed product released with every set (which themselves replaced Theme Decks, for those of you who remember that far back). These Planeswalker Decks don’t just show off the star characters of the set, however; for the first time in Magic’s history, they contain cards that are not reprints, and in fact are found nowhere else! Specifically, each Planeswalker Deck contains one planeswalker and three spells that are themed around him or her.

These cards bear the expansion symbol of their corresponding set, and collector numbers that go higher than the set’s total. While they’re not part of the set per se (in that the cards can’t be found in booster packs), they count as the same set for Standard purposes – the intent being that a new player could buy the deck and play with it right out of the box at FNM.

Aether Revolt rotates into Standard on January 20th, and the contents of the Planeswalker Decks will as well.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Jen Wong

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