Blinking Greenwheel Liberator fuels itself

Greenwheel Liberator, like many revolt cards, packs potential if you can satisfy the cost. For the low, low cost of 1G, you can potentially have a 4/3 creature! But in order to get that 4/3 creature, you had to have a permanent you control leave the battlefield that turn. This may seem difficult for some, but there’s some tricks you can use to ensure you get your 4/3 creature.

Let’s take a look at Acrobatic Maneuver. The Maneuver exiles a creature and returns it to the battlefield. While many might think of this as a way to dodge removal spells, it can also enable revolt – even for the Liberator. If you cast the Maneuver on the Liberator, the Liberator is exiled and returned to the battlefield. When the Liberator is returning, it checks to see if a permanent you control left the battlefield to fulfill its revolt requirement. Since the Liberator itself left the battlefield, it will count for its revolt ability, and you can use the Maneuver to turn your counter-less Liberator into a 4/3 creature. This doesn’t just work with the Liberator, it works will all creatures with revolt, from using it on a Silkweaver Elite to draw a card or on a Deadeye Harpooner during your opponent’s combat phase to sneakily kill an opponent’s attacking creature! This is just an example of a card that can change functions because of a card being printed. Instead of being a reactive card to be used against an opponent’s spells, you can now be proactive, and enable revolt!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Nathan Long

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