First Wave Recognitions Due September 7th!

The deadline for the first wave of recognitions to be submitted under the Exemplar Program is Sunday, September 7.

If you are a L3+ Judge, you can submit your recognitions using this form.

As a reminder, you can read more about how to write an effective recognition message here.

Note that you can return to the form after submitting it (to complete your unused slots, make edits to your messages, or change the judges you’re recognizing) by using the special link provided for you on the “Thank You” page.

If one of the recognition messages you submit is identified as problematic, we will let you know about the issue and give you an opportunity to correct any problems. This is a learning process, and its success is important to the whole Judge program.

The first question many of you will ask is: “When will recognitions ship from Wizards?”

We do not have a specific answer for this question at this time. We are certain it will occur after the launch of Khans of Tarkir. We will post an update here and to social media when we have more specific information.