Wave 12 Token Image

Greetings all,

You are here for one thing.  I’m wasting words here because I like words, when you want an image.  Image, come to my aid!

The Wave 12 Token

rk post did a great job on the art for this, and I was so excited when I got it back from the printer.  RCs have these in their hands, and should either have shipped them out with their Exemplar shipments, or will be doing so shortly.

Note that we talked about judges being the Vangard – for the previous wave, we did not have any “phased out” nominations to select from. Instead, a general image that was not a person was picked for this token. Future waves will incorporate the judge selected as the Vanguard.  In fact, we are announcing next wave’s Vanguard next week.

So if you have a nomination that you did not get a token for, check with your RC to find out the current status.

I would like to clarify some of the confusion surrounding this token rollout.  These three things are true (or intended to be true) about tokens and nominations this wave:

  • Every published nomination gets a token.
  • Some nominations won’t count towards foils.  This is on a per-nomination basis, not per-person.
  • Vanguards are selected for the following wave.  This means the tokens from Wave 13 will incorporate the Vanguard selected in Wave 12.

There were some printing delays and swapped tokens, either due to people moving regions after the tokens were printed or tokens drifting between the region stacks during sorting. These will be corrected either by exchanging these between RCs or having correction tokens reprinted. If you get your tokens and/or foils for this wave and a token is missing and your RC has not already informed you of the status, get in touch with me via a JudgeApps message from my profile, and I’ll get you a status about getting you the token you are missing, probably via your RC during Wave 13 shipment.  (Note that Sphere Allocations don’t get tokens, this is purely for Exemplar.  If you have Sphere Allocations, you can view those at your JudgeApps Sphere Allocations Page.)

Thanks tons for reading, and I look forward to next time, when I show off the Wave 13 token image!