We haven’t forgotten you!

Hey everyone.

Due to some technical issues linked to the recent Wizards database changes, there’s been some delay in terms of getting the Exemplar wave 1 mail out sorted. I’ve been hearing that some judges have been voicing concerns that the delay on this front indicates that the program has been abandoned, so I just wanted to reassure you that this is not the case. We have not been idle in this time, soliciting feedback from those involved in providing recognitions during the first wave and updating some elements of the process so that providing recognitions in the second wave will be a smoother, more user-friendly experience. We’re unwilling to go into too many details on the second wave at this point as we want to be sure that everything has been wrapped up on the first wave appropriately first. However, we have a few articles planned on different elements of the recognition process, reflecting on things that we learned in the first wave and providing recommendations and advice to people who will find themselves writing recognitions in the future.

Watch this space for all the latest developments due in the next few weeks!