Launching JudgeApps Reviews!

Paul Baranay
JudgeApps Lead Developer

Paul Baranay
JudgeApps Lead Developer

I’m thrilled to announce that JudgeApps Reviews are officially open!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…but I say experiencing the reality is even better than a picture. Click here to explore the new feature!

As you can see, we’ve revamped the way you write, view, and search reviews. We hope that these improvements will make it easier than ever to share meaningful and productive feedback. You can read more about what’s new in this post from the feature’s architect, Dan Collins.

We are committed to continually improving and developing JudgeApps Reviews. If you think of a way we can do better, please let us know! We’ll do our best to respond promptly and let you know whether your idea is feasible.

Historical Reviews

When you visit the Reviews page, you should see all your old reviews! The main exception is that we have not yet imported reviews from this March. Of course, we’ll be sure to do so before the old Judge Center is decommissioned on March 21.

Unfortunately, some reviews could not be attributed to a JudgeApps user account (perhaps because they never created a JudgeApps account, or due to a DCI number mismatch). In those cases, we assigned the reviews to a generic “Unknown User” account. The name of the reviewer/subject is listed with the review, in a section called “Historical Data.” (In the near future, we’ll change how these mismatched reviews are displayed, so that the name of the reviewer/subject appears properly in the review list and other places.)

If one of your reviews was attributed to an “Unknown User”, but that person actually has a JudgeApps account, let us know by filing a help request. Your request should include links to the affected review and the correct JudgeApps account. Similarly, please reach out if any of your reviews appear to be missing.

Recognitions and Thanks

JudgeApps Reviews are the product of many people’s ideas, work, and discussion over many months. I’d like to recognize the following people for their contributions:

  • Dan Collins: As the chief architect of this version of Reviews, Dan deserves incredible praise bringing this project to fruition. In addition to implementing the flexible review sections that you can rename and rearrange, he devoted hours to getting the small touches just right.
  • Alexei Gousev: The original architect of Reviews, Alexei laid the groundwork for those who followed.
  • Daniel Kitachewsky: Daniel made importing historical reviews possible, which I know we will all appreciate for years to come.
  • Jernej Lipovec: Helpful as always, Jernej pitched in with the design work and provided much-needed code review.
  • Jason Lemahieu: Lems did an amazing job keeping me grounded throughout the project, while his hands-off management style gave us freedom to soar.
  • The Review Beta Testers provided incredibly helpful feedback, bug reports, and feature suggestions on virtually every aspect of the project:

In Review…

Thank you for joining us on this exciting new journey! We’re looking forward to more reviews and more feedback in 2017 and beyond!