JudgeApps Updates – May 16-31

Hello once more! If you’re interested in learning about the latest and greatest JudgeApps news, you’ve come to the right place. This time we’ll talk about reviews (again, but with new content), changes to events appearing on your homepage, and more!


We’ve been ironing out some small things regarding reviews. In addition to the review sharing feature we introduced recently, we also did some summer cleaning. People found the names for the “Advancement” and “Advancement Evaluation” review types confusing, so their names were changed to “Advancement Interview” and “L2 Recommendation” respectively. The first type is used when actually testing someone for L2, whereas the second is used for recommending a candidate. We believe the new review types are clearer and more intuitive.

But that’s not all! Each of the new types comes with a new field that indicates whether the interview was successful or not, or if advancement is recommended or not. The next time you enter an interview summary or an L2 advancement recommendation, don’t forget to let us know if the candidate was successful or not.

Ongoing Events

Have you ever wanted to check something about the GP or conference you’re attending during the event itself? You probably have. Did you find it very inconvenient to go looking for said event on the “All Events” page? You probably did. Get ready for a blast from the past, since the old functionality was restored, and ongoing events are back at the “Upcoming Events” section of your JudgeApps homepage. No more having to sift through all those events.

Date Sorting

We had some problems when sorting events by date, especially for languages other than English. We won’t get into all the programming mumbo jumbo, but the dates were mishandled due to different languages using different words for the months’ names (weird, right?), and computers being very uptight when it comes to checking if two things are the same.

Some Other Stuff

We made some changes to the JudgeApps code and other supporting systems. This is mostly invisible to you, but it means that the website works better, faster, and it’s easier for us to find errors before releasing them to the wild.

We hope you found this issue of the JudgeApps blog interesting. We always encourage you to send us feedback if you find something that’s broken, missing, or making some weird squeaking noises, as well as ideas for that one great feature no one thought of before.