Event Calendars

Do you like judging Magic events? Do you like calendars? Do you like calendars with the Magic events you’re judging on them? Then we have the feature for you!

We have recently added a new set of links to your profile page on JudgeApps, which you can use to synchronize your list of events on JudgeApps with most calendar software. To get there, click on your name (right below the logo on desktop, first item in the hamburger menu on mobile) then look for “Events calendar links” like in the image below.

You’ll see three new links, each of which is a .ics link that is personalized to you. They can be imported into iCalendar, Google Calendar, and any other RFC 5545-compliant calendaring software. Make sure you import them by copying and pasting the link – don’t download the .ics file from JudgeApps. Using the link will mean that any new events on JudgeApps will be reflected in the .ics files immediately, and apps will synchronize your calendars periodically. A description of the links:

  • “on staff only” is anything you were accepted to, added to staff, or events you created yourself
  • “pending applications” is applications that are still pending
  • “all events” is both of the above

You can use the first one alone to see everything you’re actually attending, you can use the first two together to give separate formatting to pending applications, or you can use the last one alone for simplicity. Events longer than 10 days are hidden, so that you don’t have something like the SCG Keystone event on your calendar for three full months.

There are some limitations: We don’t have any way of knowing which days of a multi-day event you are scheduled for, so we just show the whole event. We also don’t have any information about the start/end times, so it will always show full-day events. Additionally: do not share the links, they are personalized to you and you alone.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or bug reports related to this feature or anything else, you can report those to our form at https://apps.magicjudges.org/feedback/.