Update to JudgeApps Accounts

We have a few changes to announce to JudgeApps accounts. First, we intend to require email verification for all new and existing accounts. Second, we are announcing new guidelines regarding JudgeApps profiles.

Email Verification

We’ve noticed some cases of users who have inadvertently entered incorrect email addresses into JudgeApps – either due to a typo, or due to using an email address that they don’t really have access to. This has prevented people from receiving important notifications (such as notifications about the Judge Level Maintenance earlier this year), and also makes it impossible to reset their password if they forget it.

The next time you log in, you’ll be prompted to verify your email address by clicking a link in an automated email. You can also check your JudgeApps profile page to see the status of your account – there will be a link next to your email address to allow you to request a verification email.

This automatic prompt doesn’t currently prevent you from using the site – if don’t want to deal with verification right away, you can still access everything you need to access on the site. You will be prompted periodically to verify your email, and in the future, we may choose to make email verification mandatory for all users.

New Users

New user accounts will still need to be activated by any L2+ judge before being used. This change adds a second step: new users will also be prompted to verify their email address. These two steps must both be completed before the user can log in.

New users are being told to contact any judge who they know in order to activate their account. L2+ judges can activate accounts directly, but we also allow candidates to contact any L1 judge, with the expectation that that L1 judge will know at least one L2 judge who can help. When activating an account, we ask that you verify that the user’s information is correct, and that the user has a legitimate need to access JudgeApps.

Changing Emails

If you need to change your email address, you can do this the same way as always: by editing your profile. The new email address will not become active until it is verified by clicking the link in the verification email.

Other Profile Information

In addition, we want to spell out some requirements about profile information that should be obvious:

  • Your first/last name must be set to a name by which you are reasonably known in real life, such as at events. The purpose of this is to allow other users to find and identify you. Nicknames are encouraged, fake names or names intended to obfuscate or confuse are prohibited.
  • Your DCI number should be the DCI number that you use in WER or WLTR when judging events. If it is not, then we may not be able to verify your activity as a Judge with WotC, which will result in you being contacted at the end of the year to verify your activity or be decertified.
  • Your location should be the location which you consider your “home”. You may hide the specific city/state from other users using the checkbox, however, your location must be accurate and must trace to the correct primary region.
  • Any social media or website links in your profile, including in your “About Me” section, must relate to yourself, and your activity on those sites will be expected to be in accordance with the Judge Code of Conduct, just as with your activity on JudgeApps itself.