New Organization Tools for Projects, Spheres, and Regions

Today, we’d like to introduce a few new tools to help organize judge projects in your Spheres and Regions.

First, each project can now be “aligned” as a Sphere, Regional, or Global project. This allows sorting projects into subject matter, making it easier to find projects you’re interested in.

These projects will appear on a new page for each Sphere and Region. Right now, those pages just show some basic information about each Sphere, and some statistics about the judges in each Region. We’re open to suggestions of more information to add!

Finally, you can also choose to “add aligned leads to project” while editing a project. This will automatically add the RC, Sphere Lead, or PCs to the project, and keep the membership updated even as the person in that role changes. This is helpful to give your RC oversight over your regional project, for example.

We have some more detailed documentation on these changes on our Projects documentation page on this blog.