DIPG 3.2 – Unsporting Conduct – Moderate

Penalty – Game Loss


A player takes directed action that disrupts the experience of an individual or targeted group of individuals in the tournament.

This includes insults that are not based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, disability, or sexual orientation but may be otherwise directed at one or more individuals. This may also include attempts to bait or provoke an opponent into other negative behaviors in order to cause them to earn a penalty.


  1. After losing a match, a player wishes harm on their opponent without threatening them.
  2. A player repeatedly insults an opponent in an attempt to provoke them into retaliation or distract them from gameplay.
  3. A player complains excessively and at length in post-match or event-wide chat about their opponent’s luck and lack of playskill.


Directed negative behavior, especially in online events, can be extremely distressing to participants. Regardless of the reason behind the behavior, it is inappropriate and should be discouraged.

Additional Remedy

The player must correct the problem immediately. Subsequent Unsporting Conduct — Moderate infractions, even for different offenses, will result in a Match Loss. If a Match Loss is issued for repeated infractions, and it occurs at the end of a game, it is acceptable for the judge to apply the penalty to the next game instead.

The judges, at their discretion, may require all further out-of-game conversations between affected to take place with a judge present in chat. Violations of this directive should be considered Unsporting Conduct – Major.