IPG 4.3 Unsporting Conduct — Improperly Determining a Winner


A player uses or offers to use a method that is not part of the current game (including actions not legal in the current game) to determine the outcome of a game or match.

If the player was aware that what they were doing was against the rules, the infraction is Unsporting Conduct – Cheating



  • A. As time is called, two players about to draw roll a die to determine the winner.
  • B. A player offers to flip a coin to determine the winner of a match.
  • C. Two players arm wrestle to determine the winner of the match.
  • D. Two players play rock-paper-scissors to decide if they should play the match or draw.
  • E. Two players compare the converted mana costs of the top cards of their libraries to determine the winner of a game at the end of extra turns.
  • F. Two players reveal cards from the top of their libraries to see “who would win” after extra turns.
  • G. A player says “Oh no, we’re going to draw, that is terrible for us.  If only there were something we could do about it.”


Using an outside-the-game method to determine a winner compromises the integrity of the tournament.

Matches that result in a draw due to time are expected to be reported as such and are not excluded from this penalty if the players use an illegal method to determine the outcome.