IPG 4.4 Unsporting Conduct — Bribery and Wagering


A player offers an incentive to entice an opponent into conceding, drawing, or changing the results of a match, encourages such an offer, or accepts such an offer. Refer to section 5.2 of the Magic Tournament Rules for a more detailed description of what constitutes bribery.

Wagering occurs when a player or spectator at a tournament places or offers to place a bet on the outcome of a tournament, match or any portion of a tournament or match. The wager does not need to be monetary, nor is it relevant if a player is not betting on their own match.

If the player was aware that what they were doing was against the rules, the infraction is Unsporting Conduct – Cheating.


  • A. A player in a Swiss round offers their opponent $100 to concede the match.
  • B. A player offers their opponent a card in exchange for a draw.
  • C. A player asks for a concession in exchange for a prize split.
  • D. Two players agree that the winner of the match will be able to choose a rare card out of the other person’s deck after the match.
  • E. Two spectators place a bet on the number of games that will be needed to decide a match.


Bribery and wagering disrupt the integrity of the tournament and are strictly forbidden.