MTR Appendix A — Changes From Previous Versions

Only changes from the current version and the previous version of this document will be displayed in this appendix.

January 19, 2018
Introduction: 2018 document update schedule added.
1.4: List of events in which tournament officials may participate updated.
2.14: Section renamed “Tracked Totals”. Energy counters and Poison counters have the same requirements as life totals. Totals must be tracked using a method that cannot easily be accidentally changed at Competitive and Professional REL.
3.3: Silver-bordered cards are acceptable in casual formats that allow them.
3.7: Core 2019 release date updated.
4.1: Wording updated to clarify that player status (monarch, ascended) is free information.
4.2: Multiple-object shortcut split into two for clarity.
5.2: Wording update for clarity on what can be split during the finals of the single-elimination portion of a tournament.
6.3: Core 2019 release date updated. 4 cards banned.
6.4: Core 2019 release date updated.
10.3: Wording changed to clarify that invitation only, non-premier events must be sanctioned as WPN Premium events.
Appendix D: Core 2019 release date update incorporated.

November 17, 2017
Appendix D: Limited format set mix for Masters 25 added.
Appendix F: Program list updated.