MTR Appendix C — Tiebreaker Explanation

Match Points
Players earn 3 match points for each match win, 0 points for each match loss and 1 match point for each match ending in a draw. Players receiving byes are considered to have won the match.

  • A player’s record is 6–2–0 (Wins–Losses–Draws). That player has 18 match points (6*3, 2*0, 0*1).
  • A player’s record is 4–2–2. That player has 14 match points (4*3, 2*0, 2*1).

Game Points
Game points are similar to match points in that players earn 3 game points for each game they win and 1 point for each game that ends in a draw, and 0 points for any game lost. Unfinished games are considered draws. Unplayed games are worth 0 points.

  • A player wins a match 2–0–0, so she earns 6 game points and her opponent receives 0 game points from the match.
  • A player wins a match 2–1–0, so she earns 6 game points and her opponent earns 3 game points from the match.
  • A player wins a match 2–0–1, so he earns 7 game points and his opponent earns 1 game point from the match.

Match-win percentage
A player’s match-win percentage is that player’s accumulated match points divided by the total match points possible in those rounds (generally, 3 times the number of rounds played). If this number is lower than 0.33, use 0.33 instead. The minimum match-win percentage of 0.33 limits the effect low performances have when calculating and comparing opponents’ match-win percentage.

These three players competed in an 8-round tournament, although only the first player completed all rounds.

Tournament Record Match Points Rounds Played Match-win Percentage
5-2-1 16 8 16/(8*3) = 0.667
1-3-0, then withdraws 3 4 3/(4*3) = 0.25, so 0.33 is used
3-2-0, including a first-round bye, then withdraws 9 5 9/(5*3) = 0.60

Game-win percentage
Similar to the match-win percentage, a player’s game-win percentage is the total number of game points he or she earned divided by the total game points possible (generally, 3 times the number of games played). Again, use 0.33 if the actual game-win percentage is lower than that.

These two players competed in a four-round tournament:

Game Record by Match Game Points Games Played Game-win Percentage
• Round 1: 2 wins (6 game points)
• Round 2: 2 wins and 1 loss (6 game points)
• Round 3: 1 win and 2 losses (3 game points)
• Round 4: 2 wins (6 game points)
21 10 21/(3*10) = 0.70
• Round 1: 1 win and 2 losses (3 game points)
• Round 2: 1 win and 2 losses (3 game points)
• Round 3: 2 losses (0 game points)
• Round 4: 1 win and 2 losses (3 game points)
9 11 9/(3*11) = 0.27, so 0.33 is used

Opponents’ match-win percentage
A player’s opponents’ match-win percentage is the average match-win percentage of each opponent that player faced (ignoring those rounds for which the player received a bye). Use the match-win percentage definition listed above when calculating each individual opponent’s match-win percentage.


  • A player’s record in an eight-round tournament is 6–2–0. Her opponents’ match records were: 4–4–0, 7–1–0, 1–3–1, 3–3–1, 6–2–0, 5–2–1, 4–3–1, and 6–1–1, so her opponents’ match-win percentage is:MW1
  • Another player’s record at the same tournament was 6–2–0. His opponents’ records were: bye, 7–1–0, 1–3–1, 3–3–1, 6–2–0, 5–2–1, 4–3–1, and 6–1–1, so his opponents’ match-win percentage is:MW2

Opponents’ game-win percentages
Similar to opponents’ match-win percentage, a player’s opponents’ game-win percentage is simply the average game-win percentage of all of that player’s opponents. And, as with opponents’ match-win percentage, each opponent has a minimum game-win percentage of 0.33.

When a player is assigned a bye for a round, he or she is considered to have won the match 2–0.

Thus, that player earns 3 match points and 6 game points. A player’s byes are ignored when computing his or her opponents’ match-win and opponents’ game-win percentages.