MTR 2.13 Video Coverage

Some Competitive and Professional Rules Enforcement Level tournaments use video for live streaming or replay broadcast of matches. Players may decline to appear on camera; however, players in the playoff matches of Professional Rules Enforcement Level tournaments may not decline to appear on camera.

Video commentators are considered spectators for the purpose of the tournament, but may talk during the match as long as they can’t be heard by players being covered. They are responsible for behaving respectfully to all tournament participants during coverage.

Spectators are also permitted to record matches provided that they do so unobtrusively.

The Head Judge of a World Championship or Magic Tabletop Mythic Championship tournament may, at their sole discretion, use video replay to assist in making rulings during a match. Video replays may not be used to assist in making rulings in tournaments other than a World Championship, World Magic Cup, or Magic Tabletop Mythic Championship tournament. Players may not request that a judge consult a video replay. Video replays may also be used for investigative purposes at a later time.