MTR 2.7 Deck Registration

Players are required to register their decks and sideboards (if applicable) in Competitive and Professional Rules Enforcement Level tournaments. The Head Judge may require registration in Regular Rules Enforcement Level tournaments.

Registered decklists record the original composition of each deck and sideboard (if applicable). Once your decklist has been accepted by a Tournament Official it may not be altered.

In Constructed tournaments, decklists must be submitted to a tournament official prior to the start of round 1, even if the player has an awarded bye for that round.

In Limited tournaments, decklists must be submitted prior to the start of the first round in which that player participates and does not have an awarded bye.

Players have the right to request to see their decklist between matches. Such a request will be honored if logistically possible.

Generally, decklists are not public information and are not shared with other players during a tournament. At Professional Rules Enforcement Level tournaments (Magic Tabletop Mythic Championship, World Championship, and Grand Prix), copies of opponents’ decklists will be provided to players in the single-elimination playoffs.