August 2012 Anniversaries

Here are the judge anniversaries for August 2012.

10 years

Nathan Long, Durango, Colorado, United States
Mark Finefield, St. Peters, Missouri, United States
Joseph  Pampalon, Snellville, Georgia, United States

5 years

Daniele Benati,  Bondeno, Ferrara, Italy
Jeff Kokx, Littleton, Colorado, United States
Niels Viaene,  Gent,  Belgium
Chris Ingersoll,  Burlington, North Carolina, United States
Alan Hale, Auckland,   New Zealand
Deric Slabbert, Witbank, South Africa
Maxim Zavyalov, Krasnoyarsk,  Russian Federation
Barry Swan, Zipaquira, Colombia
Gary Wong, Hong Kong,  Hong Kong
Lin Fu Jen,  Shulin City, Taipei County, Taiwan
Andy Ledezma, Esparza, Puntarenas,  Costa Rica
Gilmar Andrey, Sanchez Avila,San Jose,  Costa Rica
Chih Hao CHT Tseng, Taipei, Taiwan
Arthur Hsu Ping Wu, Taipei,  Taiwan
Denis Sokolov, Vilnius, Lithuania
Bernd Buldt, Fort Wayne, Indiana,  United States

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Our featured judge this month is Arthur Hsu Ping Wu from Taiwan. Fellow Taiwanese judge Hans Wang writes:

“Thanks to Edwin for giving me this chance to write something about Arthur in the Anniversary project.

The god of bad luck

How time flies, I can still remember the days we played cards in the store, discussed the cards online, or argued with the ruling in the judge hotel. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting he can do such a good job in judging (especially he spent six times testing for level one, lol), but he really shut me up. He’s devoted to the game and the community, spent lots of his time sharing his experience, doing translation work, and educating the new judges (Shame on me…). He also has a famous nickname “God of bad luck (Shui Shen)” from high school; There was a poker card game, and whoever had Arthur stood behind got a bad hand, every time….. So, if next time you are playing a game with  friend and notice Arthur is around, please absolutely ask him to leave you alone and ask him to stand behind of your opponent! No matter what, he’s still one of my best friends I made from the judge program, and, congratulations to Arthur for his 5th year as a Magic judge!”

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