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New project lead!

The Anniversaries project launched almost exactly five years ago. We started by celebrating 10 year and 5 year anniversaries and we've added 15 year anniversaries along the way. In some years we'll probably celebrate the first 20th judge anniversary. That's …
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August 2015 anniversaries

August 2015 judge anniversaries, featuring Federico Donner and Adam Cetnerowski!
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March 2015 anniversaries

March 2015 Judge Anniversaries, featuring Stephan Classen, Nick Fang and Frank Wareman!
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November 2014 anniversaries

November judge anniversaries, featuring Tasha Hayashi!
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September 2014 Anniversaries

September 2014 Judge Anniversaries, featuring Stelios Kargotis, Johanna Virtanen, Eric Smith, John Carter and James Lee!
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June 2014 anniversaries

June 2014 Judge Anniversaries featuring Francisco Iramain, Chris Richter and Daniel Kitachewsky!
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April 2014 Anniversaries

April 2014 Judge Anniversaries, featuring Xavier Almeras!
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March 2014 Anniversaries

March 2014 judge anniversaries, featuring Pao Yonemura and Riki Hayashi!
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February 2014 Anniversaries

February 2014 judge anniversaries, featuring Adam Cetnerowski!
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January 2014 anniversaries

January 2014 anniversaries, featuring Savvas Themistocleus!