Exemplar Community Survey #1

Written by Daniel Solé Garcia/Bryan Prillaman

Hello everybody!
Wave 15 closing on Tuesday.  (Originally Monday, but there were some inconsistent announcements, so we moved it in line with the latest published date.)

In the Exemplar Program, we are constantly looking for new ways to engage the Judge Program.  Sometimes its articles on one of the qualities we look for in a nomination.  Sometimes its an article highlighting particular nominations.  With this blog we want to try something different.

For this blog, we have created a survey where you get to pretend to be on the Exemplar Team.  This survey uses real nominations, however identifying information such as names and event locations have been replaced.

The Exemplar Team has reviewed 14 waves so far. 14 waves is over 30.000 nominations reviewed. So we are pretty familiar with the guidelines.  But here is a reminder of what we look for in Exemplar Nominations.  We want nominations to be:

  • Specific – We need to be able to tell what was actually done
  • Praiseworthy – The action needs to be something that should be emulated by other judges or aspired to.
  • Relevant – It needs to be directly related to judging/running events.
  • Representative – It needs to reflect positively on Judges or the program.  No bad words or backhanded compliments.

A more detailed breakdown of the criteria can be found here: https://blogs.magicjudges.org/exemplar/nomination-guidelines/

The goal of this activity is two-fold:

– Let you evaluate nominations as we do.
– See if our expectations line up with the communities when applying the same criteria.

When you see a nomination, you are presented with two choices.  ACCEPT means it meets the 4 criteria points above and would be included in the wave.  DEFER means it does not meet the criteria above.  In that case the judge would receive feedback on how it can meet the criteria and it can be resubmitted next wave.

You can find the survey here!

Thank you for your participation, and we really hope you like this exercise!

As a reminder, Exemplar Wave 15 closes on Tuesday Nov. 20th at 23:59 PST