Wave 8 Posted

Written by Bryan Prillaman
Level 3, United States, Florida

What time is it?


Wave 8 has been published, and a full week ahead of schedule! I want to give a huge “Thank You” to the Exemplar teams.  Between the metrics and review teams we have almost 40 members.  It’s a lot to manage, but having a talented group of Judges passionate about the goals of Exemplar goes a long way towards success.

Now, that I’ve covered the part I care about, let’s get to the part you care about.

Wave 8 Nominations are posted and available on Judgeapps! You can see nominations you gave and received here or use the search tool to see all the awesome things your fellow judges are doing; at home, at events, online, or in their community.

If you received a nomination, you will receive an email with instructions for the next step within two days. (spoilers: It will be a link to a Google form that looks a lot like last time)

Additionally, if you discover you cannot find a nomination that you wrote, that probably means it was Deferred. In the next few days, you will get a notification email informing you of this, and your deferred slot will appear in Judgeapps for Wave 8 later this month.

If you have any questions, please email exemplarprogram@gmail.com.

As a reminder, Wave 9 is currently open and ends May 2nd at 23:59 PST

Join us next time when we highlight some outstanding nominations!