network maintenance August 24th

We are scheduling a maintenance window for the network of sites for Friday, August 24th, 2018, at 10AM Eastern. This is the final stage of migrating the servers to updated software baselines and current hardware infrastructure. We expect this maintenance to last no more than three hours.

During this maintenance, most sites will remain online, but may experience brief and intermittent interruptions. Judge Blogs and JudgeApps will each be unavailable for a longer period of time – ideally about one hour each, possibly longer. If you expect to need anything from the sites during the maintenance window, please plan around this scheduled maintenance.

In addition to those web sites, the JudgeApps third-party identification provider and the ability to post to the forum via email will experience downtime. If you use either of these features, expect them to be unavailable as well during this maintenance period.

If you notice any bugs or problems with JudgeApps or JudgeBlogs after the maintenance window is complete, or any other issues with the network that you want to bring to our attention, please submit a bug report!

Thanks for using JudgeApps!