April 2012 Anniversaries

Here are the judge anniversaries for April 2012!

10 years:

Lois Jacquet, Annecy, Est, France
Pierre Pigeon, Lyon, Est, France
Zdenek Sury, Brno, Czech Republic
Christopher  Alexander, Natick,  Massachusetts,  United States
Maciej Grabowski, Piotrkow Tryb.,  Poland
Michele Polo, Quartu Sant’Elena, Cagliari, Italy
Tony Wootton, Hamilton,New Zealand
Vyacheslav Grebenyuk, Kharkov, Ukraine
Eugene Bazhenov,  Moscow, Russian Federation
Ondrej Douda, Praha, Czech Republic
George Michelogiannakis, Stanford, California,   United States
Basil Sasorov,  Moscow,   Russian Federation
George Theologitis,  Thessaloniki,   Greece

5 years:

Joseph Bernier,  Taftville, Connecticut, United States
Marcel Mike Schneider, Duisburg, Nordrhein-Westfale,  Germany
Philip Boehm, Weiterstadt,  Hessen,  Germany
Richard Waldbiesser, Brownstown,Pennsylvania,United States
Oliver Tremel, Wiener Neudorf,Austria
Brian Kidney, Cork,Ireland
Yoann Legros, Le Luat, Nord, France
Geoffrey Louis,  Marseille, Sud,France
Franco Bonazza, Santa Fe,  Argentina
Kevin Tinsley,  Naperville, Illinois, United States
Mikael Rabie, Montreuil Sous Bois, Sud, France
Matthew Sharp, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,  United States

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

This month’s featured judge is Oliver Tremel from Austria. Regional Coordinator Michael Wiese writes:

Oliver, shown here thinking about lapsing abilities

“Oliver comes from Wiener Neudorf, a small town near Vienna, Austria. I first met Oliver at the Pro Tour in Berlin. Since then I worked with him at several events from Nationals up to PT and got to know him as a very solid L2 Judge. He started judging more or less directly because of his two children. At his local store where he usually bought the boosters, the store guy told him about this “judging thing” and that the store owner is working on his Level 1 test. That was the starting point and just after a couple of years later in April 2007 he passed his L1 test. He enjoyed judging so much that he applied some months later for GP Kraków and was accepted as a judge. Back then he decided that he want more and focused on Level 2 which he passed in February 2008. He still likes judging tournaments, doesnt matter which type of tournament, Prerelease, GPT, PTQ, WMCQ (he is going to be the HJ of one in Austria) or even PTs. Besides judging he just likes to play, build new decks and getting in touch with other players and or judges. For him, playing and judging belong together. Thanks for all your work and keep it up.”

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