April 2014 Anniversaries

Here are the April 2014 judge anniversaries!

15 years

Gijsbert Hoogendijk, Netherlands
Sheldon Menery, Florida, United States
Graham Ribchester, Great Britain
Savvas Themistocleous, South Africa
Diarmuid Verrier, Ireland

10 years

Torsten Dallmann, Bayern, Germany
Andre Martins, Brazil
Nicolas Glik, Spain
Giovanni Stefani, Bologna, Italy
Nigel Rowledge, Luxembourg

5 years

Reynald Cuffini, France
Luc Grinand, France
Felix Wagner, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Joseph Leong Kin Seng, Singapore
Jorge Ceron, Mexico
Geoff Fisher, British Columbia, Canada
David Daniel, New Mexico, United States
Mitsugu Yokoi, Osaka-fu, Japan
Eldar Tagi-Zade, Russian Federation
Jens Lindberg, Sweden
Christian Steudtner, Bayern, Germany
Corey Byington, Illinois, United States
Sasha-Blue Delaney, British Columbia, Canada
Xavier Almeras, France

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

This month’s featured judge is Xavier Almeras from France. Regional Coordinator Guillaume Beuzelin had this to say about Xavier:

The Magic gathers, and now my watch begins

The Magic gathers, and now my watch begins

“I think that any judge learns a lot by judging and for Xavier I’m sure he did because we worked together to help him to reach the level 2. Xavier is proof that with motivation we can do a lot.

The North part of France has a very fluctuant number of judges. The major city Lille attracts students, they pass their level and move when they enter in the active life. Thankfully we have one guy who is still there. In this North there is no night watch but Xavier stays there anyway. He is not only acting in his city but he tries to keep an eye on everything in his region, with the French meaning of “region” around 100 kms around). It is always important to have reliable judges in a community and today I know that Xavier is one of them.

I hope Xavier will be able to continue to be involved like this for the years to come. Holding a region almost alone is sometime demotivating, but the next wave is coming! I hope we can count on Xavier for the next years (maybe 5 more?).”

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