Sigarda won’t save you from sacrificing your own Phantasmal Image, even if an opponent targets it.

Sigarda, Host of Heron‘s ability is pretty cool. If an effect an opponent controls says “sacrifice a creature” Sigarda says, “No, I’d rather not.” So she keeps you safe from things like Geth’s Verdict and Killing Wave. But what if the opponent targets your Phantasmal Image (copying something other than Sigarda) with Gut Shot?

On the surface, it almost looks like the thing that’s making you sacrifice it is controlled by the opponent… after all, it was their spell that triggered the ability, right? Well, yes, it was their spell that triggered the ability… however, since you control the source of the triggered ability (the Image), you also control the triggered ability itself. That means that in reality, it’s your own effect that’s making you sacrifice the Image, and Sigarda can’t help you there. Sorry!

Today’s Rules Tip written by
Josh Stansfield, Level 2 judge from Orange, CA

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