Release the Announcement Translation Project


Brief History of the Project

The Announcement Translation Project was created in January 2016, by Alfonso Bueno, the leader of the communication sphere, and currently leaded by Hans Wang. The first stage recruitment was on February, 2016.

Languages Update:

(Pilot) February 2016: Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.


Goal of the Announcement Translation Project

Judge program as an international program has more than 6000 judges around the world, almost in every country and speaking every language. While some judges love working in big events and some are focus on their local  events, we also have some judges who are not that involved in the judge program because of the language barrier.

That’s this project for.

We want to eliminate the language barrier, so we have a group of judges who can speak English and their local language, helping us to translate all the important things into different languages. Hereunder you may find the articles will be translated:

.Rules / Policy Changes and Updates.

.Program Changes and Updates.

.Any Announcement by the high level judges or Judge manager

.Which else may be important 😃


Current Team

Chinese (Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese) : Alex Yeung

French : Sophie Pages, Jackson Moore, Charles Henri Turpin

Italian : Lamberto Franco

Polish : Piotr Łopaciuk

Spanish : Joaquín Pérez, Gimena Pombo

Japanese : Taro Itou

German : Daniel Levy, Raphael Pistorius

Hebrew : David Shor

Portuguese : José Moreira, Bruno Matos

  1. Brazilian Portuguese : Tomás Paim, Kim Kanegusuke


The importance of being a volunteer

Being a volunteer for the Announcement Translation Project will report you several benefits:

First of all, you will be helping your fellow judges to get updates of important things and help them improve.This is the main motivation for most volunteers.

You will be working with a team, leading some tasks, taking responsibilities, interacting with other judges. This will help you to develop skills in team working and/or team leading, taking into account deadlines, tasks distributions, information searching, etc.

You will be participating in an international project. Yes. Many people will see your work. And who knows maybe you are recognized with an Exemplar nomination by someone.

On the other hand being a volunteer ties you to some responsibilities. The most important is to deliver the translation time. Yes, timing is important, especially in this project.


Where can I find the translation?

You’ll be see tabs for the translation in the original articles. (if you cannot see your languages, join us to make one :)) You can also find translation in our project blog.



If you have any suggestion or you want to join the team, please contact me on JudgeApps or at


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