Magic Judge Monthly November 2018

Hello Judges of the world, and welcome to the last issue of Magic Judge Monthly for 2018!  It’s been a wonderful year with you, and we hope to bring you exciting news about what organized play will look like and other great news in our next issue!

For this issue we have some policy changes and a fun selection of Sugar on Top images!  We look forward to sharing all the new competitive news with you in the new year!

Program coordinators blog

A smattering of news related topics from lead role changes to Level 2 Practice Exams being available on the Judge Apps website.

JCC update

The Judge Code of Conduct has received some amendments.  One of those includes an appeal process if a Judge believes that not all the information was transmitted properly or it was interpreted improperly.  Also, there is a suspension period for Advanced Roles after a Judge’s sentence has been completed. For all the lovely details on those procedures, check out this link.


Not huge news here, but if you want to see what is in the Conference foil packet until the next update, follow this link.  If you’re interested in attending a conference, you may find one near you or at an event you’re attending, by looking at events in Judge Apps.  If you can’t find one, ping your Regional Coordinator about organizing one


Wave 15 has closed.  This Wave is ending with a survey where you, even though you’re probably not involved in the Exemplar Review Board, are able to review some Exemplar Recommendations.  This link has a reminder or what criteria the team looks for when the season ends and a survey that you can take.  They’d appreciate the feedback to see if the community’s expectations are in line with what the review committee is seeking.   team and has written an introduction of sorts.


Judge Articles and Blog Posts from November 2018

  1. Judge cast: JudgeCast #213 – Types of information in Magic, JudgeCast #214 – Priority
  2. Translated rules: Magic Tournament RulesTranslated Rules
  3. Knowledge Pool (non-English): Verbreitungszeit, Baue dein eigenes Grab, Das Buffet ist vorbei, Alle an Bord!
  4. Planar Bridge: Captain’s log – October 2018, Why L3s should send me birthday cards – part 1, Why L3s should send me birthday cards – part 2
  5. Travel guides: GP Atlanta 2018, GP Warsaw 2018, GP Vancouver 2018 
  6. Judge apps help: JudgeApps Updates – October 2018
  7. Regional Blogs:  New articles in:
    Jueces Hispanoamericanos
    German Speaking Countries

    Magic Judge Iberia – Español
    The Northwest Passage 
    The Judges of Southeast Asia
    Juízes de Magic Brasil
    USA Great Lakes Judges
    UKISA Regional Blog
    Regional Blog for USA – Southwest!
    Europe – East regional blog

More judge blogs can be found at the Judge Blog Portal. In case you would like to discuss an article, visit our Judge forum. Don’t forget to regularly check our Judge blog.
Do you need a quick rules or policy answer?  Ask a Magic Judge!


Judge Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of the judges who celebrated an anniversary in November 2018, featuring Michael Wiese, Norman Ralph, and Jürgen Baert!

Congratulations to all of our Judge of the Week — November 2018

282: Moe Furusawa, L2 judge from Kyoto, Japan

283: Exemplar Wave 14, Part 1

284: John Eriksson, L3 judge from Grankulla, Finland

285: Exemplar Wave 14, Part 2

Welcome to the Fold

A big welcome to the following judges who worked their first GP in November 2018!

GP Melbourne

GP Milwaukee

GP Warsaw

GP Shizuoka

Judge Feud survey for a conference

Interested in providing some answers for an upcoming episode of Judge Feud? Fill out this survey and help out the Southeast Judge Conference!

Coaching sphere

This month’s Coaching Sphere talks about the Judge Booth that was done at GP Lille. Read about the awesome things that took place and then try your luck on some of the questions.

Questions asked in the Month of November and an [O]fficial answer, just for you!

1. AP casts Selective Snare targeting a Soldier token, retains priority and activates League Guildmage second ability, copying the spell. Can AP choose a different creature type?

A: “Choices made during the announcement of the spell are copied. That includes what creature type was chosen by the original Snare. If you copy Selective Snare that had “Soldier” chosen as the creature type, the copy will have the same creature type chosen – you don’t get to pick a new creature type.”

Approved by Nathan Long
Cards: Selective Snare, League Guildmage

2. AP declares a couple Adanto Vanguards as attackers. NAP decides to block one of them with a Blood Operative. Knowing that NAP also controls a Lich’s Mastery, what will happen when combat damage is dealt?

A: When combat damage is dealt, NAP takes 3 damage from the unblocked Vanguard and the Operative and blocked Vanguard deal damage to each other. Since the Operative has lifelink, that means NAP also gains 3 life at the same time. Both the “Whenever you gain life” and “Whenever you lose life” abilities of the Mastery will trigger. It does not matter that the life total stayed the same (since NAP gained life and lost life at the same time) – NAP still gained and still lost life, so those abilities still trigger.

Approved by Nathan Long

Cards: Adanto Vanguard; Blood Operative; Lich’s Mastery

3. AP attacks with Lost Leonin and Raptor Companion. NAP is at 2 life and has 8 poison counters, but has Healing Salve in hand. Is it possible for NAP to survive?

A: Yes, NAP can survive by splitting up the damage prevention to prevent 2 damage from the 3/1 and 1 damage from the 2/1 with infect. You don’t choose a source and then prevent damage from that source until you run out of damage from the source, then move on to the next source. You get to choose, for each point of damage prevention, which source to prevent the damage from. NAP will be able to prevent enough damage from both creatures here to survive the turn.

Approved by Nathan Long

Cards: Lost Leonin; Raptor Companion; Healing Salve

4. AP mulligans to 6, decides to keep, then scries 1, putting it on the bottom of his library. NAP has kept his 7. AP changes his mind, and says “actually, I'm gonna mulligan,” and a judge is called over before AP mixes his hand and library. Must the player adhere to their first choice of keeping the hand or is this considered a Mulligan Procedure Error and he can mulligan again?

A: AP stated that they intended to mulligan. However, since NAP prevented them from shuffle their hand back on their library, this doesn’t constitute an infraction. Tell the player he must keep that hand and don’t allow them to mulligan in exchange for an infraction.

Approved by Scott Marshall

5. During a Modern FNM, AP controls a Chalice of the Void with 1 charge counter and attempts to cast an Expedition Map. They put it on the battlefield and the opponent points the Chalice. Then AP said “It’s a legal move if the opponent doesn’t react.” Is this Cheating?

A: In order to be Cheating, we must confirm if the player is aware that this situation doesn’t work like this and that they must point out their own triggered abilities. If the player believes he is allowed to ignore his own Chalice, then Regular REL tells us to educate him. So, it is reasonable for the first time to commit this infraction, but subsequent ones after the player is educated must be reported as Cheating.

Approved by Scott Marshall

Cards: Chalice of the Void; Expedition Map

Policy changes for Guilds of Ravnica

There is one recent change on take-backs that has been covered and a relevant section has been added. Read on to find out more.

Eternal Weekend Report

This time on Judging for the Win: Eternal Weekend 2018 Tournament Report

Rules Tips Blog:

Many new tips have been added, click on the links below to view the ones that interest you:

Swiftblade Vindicator: Trample and Double Strike!

Legion Warboss and Baird: Restrictions vs Requirements

Chaining Mentor Triggers – Dos and Don’ts!

Creatures Coming Down AFTER Join Shields

And here is the complete list of Rules Tips for your convenience.

Program Coordinators Meeting Minutes

Here you can read the Minutes of Program Coordinators Meeting held in Atlanta.

Backing up, Hidden information and Long-Term Plans

Following previous articles about backups, this one focuses on whether Hidden information should usually be considered before making a decision.

Find out which Judge Conferences, MagicFest and SCG Opens have available worldwide staffing positions! You still have some time to apply for MagicFest Bilbao, MagicFest Tampa Bay, MagicFest Calgary, SCG Open Baltimore and SCG Open Indianapolis!

Check out the Grand Prix Solicitations and Select Staffs for more details on individual tournaments and to know if there are some last minute solicitations you can apply to!

Public Projects such as the Judge Booth are looking for awesome judges who can help! If you wish to get more out of your Judging experience and give back to the community, sign up for something that interests you!

Sugar on Top!

Judges have some fun gifts at GP Shizuoka!



Winter is here, so you can make Magic snow angels, like David Silva at GP Liverpool.
See you all next year, Judges!