The Eldrazi Diet

Arianna and Neff are playing in a Standard PPTQ. Neff controls . Arianna has several cards in her graveyard and 20 cards exiled face-up by Neff's Ulamog. Arianna casts . She grabs her deck and says, “My library is exiled and my graveyard will become my library,” to which Neff responds with a nod. Arianna picks up her graveyard and begins shuffling it. After a moment she picks up her old library and says, “Hold on, wanted to check something first,” and begins to look through it. Neff calls

Emrakul, the situation torn

At a Grand Prix Trial, Ajani plays and mills Nissa for ten cards. Amongst them, Emrakul is put into the graveyard. After the ten cards are put into the graveyard, Nissa immediately picks up her graveyard and begins shuffling it into her library. Ajani calls over a judge and explains he wished to respond to the Emrakul trigger with the he has in his hand. After investigation, you find out there were about 30 cards in Nissa's graveyard after Glimpse the Unthinkable had resolved. What do you do? Judges,

Christmas time is here!

'Twas the EDH before Christmas, and all on the table, Not a creature type missing, casting all we were able. Stocking Tiger was placed by the chimney (such glory!) Hoping St. Nicol Bolas would come read us a story.   My opponent was smiling, tapping all of his lands, Then Myojin of Night's Reach annihilated our hands. One mana to my name and I let out a shriek, I’m not the threat; why Strip Mine me, you freak?!   Calm yourself down, I know you’re no threat, But

Knowledge Pool Scenario Submission Form

I have had many people ask me how they can submit scenarios to Knowledge Pool. It's actually become quite a fun seminar and I get emailed scenarios fairly often. Well, now I have a great answer! We have created a submission form that really captures all of the information Knowledge Pool normally uses. Simply click on the link: and fill in the rest. Even better, if we use your scenario, then you will get credit with the entire judge community! Once again I want to thank you