All Aboard!

Amie is playing against Nyla in a sealed PPTQ. Amie casts , and Nyla lets it resolve. Amie says “look at six,” immediately grabs the top 6 cards of her library, and starts to look at them. Nyla calls for a judge. What do you do? Submit your answers here, and join us on Judge Apps for the answer!

Monastery Swift-guide

Argus is playing against Neferian in round 3 of a Modern PPTQ. Neferian mulligans, keeps his 6 card hand and scrys to the top. Argus starts the first turn of the game, plays a , casts  and attacks. Neferian flips the top card his deck thinking Argus has played a . Argus immediately calls a judge and explains what happened. What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Seas the Moment

Ajit is playing against Niko at a Modern PPTQ. Ajit casts  targeting Niko's  and says “Trigger, draw a card”. Niko stops Ajit from drawing, floats one white mana, then allows to resolve. Ajit thinks for a minute, then says “Go to Combat?” Niko taps one  and casts  targeting Ajit's . The players put their cards into their graveyards, then Niko calls for a judge, and says “Ajit missed his Spreading Seas trigger.” What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Your Authority has been Revoked

Adam is playing against Nadine at a Modern PPTQ. Adam says "I'll you, then cast " and puts both cards on the table. Nadine has no responses, and Adam sees Nadine's hand of , , and two . Adam says “I'll take the Relic, then name Inkmoth.” Three turns later, Nadine plays a , activates Liliana's +1 ability, and both players discard a card. Adam discards another copy of , and then realizes that it can't name land cards, so he calls for a judge. What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on

Classically Confident Confidanting

Anker is playing against Nite in a Modern PPTQ. Anker controls a Dark Confidant. He untaps, points at his creature, says “Confidant Trigger” and draws a card. Anker proceeds to say “Draw for turn?” Nite calls for a judge and explains that Anker didn't reveal the card that he put into his hand from the Dark Confidant trigger. What do you do? Judges submit your answer here!


Abagail is playing in a sealed PPTQ. She sits down for game 1 of her match, grabs a pile of roughly 40 sleeved cards out of her deck box, shuffles, and presents to her opponent. Upon drawing her opening hand, she immediately calls a judge and explains that this is her sideboard. She has several other sets of cards sleeved for quick sideboarding, and she just grabbed the wrong pile from her deck box.   Judges feel free to submit your answer here!

Re-Stacked and Re-Pact

Arthur and Neil are playing in a Modern PPTQ. At the end of Arthur's turn, Neil taps out to cast . Arthur responds with . Neil responds with . Arthur thinks for a moment, then casts . Neil pauses, says “Ah, nuts…” then puts his spells in his graveyard. Arthur does the same. Neil untaps and draws for his turn. Arthur says, “You didn't pay for Pact.” Neil replies, “You Spell Pierced it.” “No, I Pierced the Peer Through Depths.” "Judge!” What do you do? Please

About to get Domi-nated

August is playing against November at your Modern PPTQ, it's a third game of the final match. November controls several creatures, he has no cards in hand, 1 life and is fully tapped out. August controls 8 lands, he has 3 cards in hand and 1 life. August casts , activates its +1 ability, looks at the top card of his library for a moment, then grabs it and puts it into his hand. November is about to stop him, but it's too late. Both players immediately call a judge. August has 2 s, and a

One Probe, Two Spells, Red Land, Blue Cards

During a Legacy Open run at Competitive REL, Amon casts paying 2 life and targeting Nikki, who responds with . Amon casts targeting the Brainstorm. Nikki responds by casting , returning his to his hand leaving his board empty. As Nikki is resolving Brainstorm, Amon says “Go,” so Nikki untaps and draws for his turn. At this point Amon realizes the Probe was never resolved and calls a judge. What do you do? Submit your solutions here:

The Second Sting Hurts the Most

Alan and Nathan are playing in a Kaladesh/AEther Revolt Limited PPTQ. Alan casts a , then attacks with an  that has a +1/+1 counter on it. Nathan controls his own , but chooses not to block with it. During his second main phase, Alan casts a second . Alan looks at this hand for a few seconds, then says “Umm… I guess it's… WAIT!” He then reads again. “Your dies.” Nathan calls you to the table and explains that the first trigger is missed, since it wasn't mentioned during first