All Aboard!

Amie is playing against Nyla in a sealed PPTQ. Amie casts , and Nyla lets it resolve. Amie says “look at six,” immediately grabs the top 6 cards of her library, and starts to look at them. Nyla calls for a judge. What do you do? Submit your answers here, and join us on Judge Apps for the answer!

Broken Oath

Annie is playing against Nick at a Modern PPTQ. Annie plays Oath of Nissa, it resolves, and she picks up the top 3 cards of her library and thinks for a few seconds. Finally, she says “I’ll take the creature,” and puts one card into her hand and the rest on the bottom of her library. Norman stops Annie and says, “You should have revealed that card. Judge!” When you get to the table, they tell you what happened, and Annie shows you her hand with a and a , and tells you she picked

Bitter over Borrowed Burn

You are a floor judge of a Standard PPTQ. During a deck check, you find that Andy has some other cards in his deck box with the sideboard that are not on his decklist. You find 4 Magma Spray in blue sleeves. Arnold is playing a Mono-red deck in green sleeves. After investigating, you find out those are cards he had lent a friend that has dropped and returned them, and you exclude Cheating. What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Monastery Swift-guide

Argus is playing against Neferian in round 3 of a Modern PPTQ. Neferian mulligans, keeps his 6 card hand and scrys to the top. Argus starts the first turn of the game, plays a , casts  and attacks. Neferian flips the top card his deck thinking Argus has played a . Argus immediately calls a judge and explains what happened. What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Building your own Tomb

Albus and Norbert are playing Modern in the semifinals of an RPTQ you’re judging. Norbert goes first, playing a . Albus draws and plays a tapped . At the and of Albus’s turn, Norbert sacrifices the . He looks through his deck twice, then calls you over because his singleton is missing, making his current deck only 59 cards. He ends up finding it under his chair. What do you do?   Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Extreme Exploration

Adelaide is playing in a Standard PPTQ, and casts , which resolves. They point out the explore trigger, and it resolves. They set their hand face-down in front of them, and pick up the top card of their deck to look at. As they do, the second card in their deck flicks off the top of the deck, and slides into their hand, still face down. The players don't touch anything and call for a judge. What do you do?   Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Don’t Draw Conclusions too Quickly

Ansel is playing against Nigel in a Modern PPTQ. Ansel plays a , then plays and attacks with a  and says “trigger, then its your go”, Nigel adjusts his live total, then reveals a Fiery Conclusion and then puts it into his hand. Nigel untaps his only land, then draws a card. Both players immediately realize the error and call for a judge, and explain exactly what happened. What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps.

More Like a Standing Ballista

You're the Head Judge of a Standard PPTQ and notice a match where Albert has a  in play with no counters on it. You inspect the match and see no other toughness pumping effect keeping it in play, so you step in and ask what's going on. Albert quickly realizes his error, picks up a die and sets it on , showing 1 counter. Albert explains that he has cast Walking Ballista for 1 in each game of this match, and had forgotten the counter when he did so a couple of turns ago. Albert's opponent, Nikki,

Seas the Moment

Ajit is playing against Niko at a Modern PPTQ. Ajit casts  targeting Niko's  and says “Trigger, draw a card”. Niko stops Ajit from drawing, floats one white mana, then allows to resolve. Ajit thinks for a minute, then says “Go to Combat?” Niko taps one  and casts  targeting Ajit's . The players put their cards into their graveyards, then Niko calls for a judge, and says “Ajit missed his Spreading Seas trigger.” What do you do? Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!